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Working Solutions

Working Solutions is a nationwide service offering comprehensive resources, educational services, materials and self-help calculators to help you with your personal and family challenges, wherever your family might live in the U.S. UBT knows that it is often not easy to handle all of your personal responsibilities while doing an effective job at work. Working Solutions’ staff can save you valuable time in locating resources to help.  Members who have used the service report that one phone call saves them almost 14 hours, on average.

Working Solutions has someone available to talk to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  They also have Spanish-speaking and TDD-connected representatives available.  To learn more about their services, on any topic covered by them, call 800-358-8515 or (TDD 800-898-1118) or visit them on the web.

No enrollment is necessary.  Benefits are confidential and available to you immediately upon hire at no cost.


Services For You and Your Family

Working Solutions offers expertise and resources for you and your dependents; an eligible dependent could include anyone for whom you have responsibilities if those responsibilities affect your ability to work. Dependents do not have to be blood relatives, may be any age and may live anywhere.  This broad definition of dependent pertains to the Working Solutions program only.  You may obtain services for your own needs as well.

Available services include:

  • Financial Services and Calculators
  • Chronic Condition Support
  • Adult/Elder Services
  • Special Needs Dependents
  • Child/Family Services
  • Life Learning
  • Convenience Services
  • Self-help Programs
  • Health Estimator Calculators
  • Quarterly Webinars
  • Resource Links
  • E-Cards
  • ID Theft/Fraud Resolution Program

Working Solutions has a library of information on many topics.  Call 800-358-8515 to receive copies or visit them on the web.


Limits & Exclusions

Working Solutions cannot offer legal information or referrals on matters relating to Trust, Union, State or Working Solutions, Inc. issues.

If Working Solutions refers you to another provider — like an attorney or a nursing home — that provider may have fees they will discuss with you (for which you are responsible).